Reddin's is the name of the Bistro owned by Barnaby (Barney) and Kate Shiels-Reddin.

The "Shiels-Reddin" name stems from the marriage of 2 Reddin brothers to 2 Sheils (note the different spelling.....we'll get to that later!) sisters many generations ago. The Double marriage took place in the Scottish Border Highlands, where both families were land owners and one of the families then moved to the north of Ireland in around 1810, settling near the village of Crossmaglen.

The Sheils-Reddin's were renowned for their hospitality, something that has been passed down through the generations, with Tony Sheils-Reddin (grandfather) being the entertainments manager at Paramount Pictures in the 1950's and 60's, and Derek Sheils- Reddin (father) a Restaurant and club owner in the UK and Ireland in the 70's and 80's.

Barney was born in Hertfordshire and after 2 attempts to get the registrar to spell his name correctly on his birth-cert, it was decided that Shiels-Reddin was close enough :-)

Barney went straight into the Dublin hospitality industry after leaving school, serving a 3 year apprenticeship at The Bailey, a well known watering hole famed for it's connections to James Joyce as well as it's clientele of stars from the bustling Dublin Music scene.

After returning to the UK in 1986, Barney ran bars for a number of Breweries before buying a share in his own pub in Bromley.

A change of career in the late 90's and then immigration to New Zealand in 2009, has now resulted in Barney returning to the industry that he enjoys the most. As a Host he tries to ensure that all his guests feel as welcome as if they were entering his own home.

Barney & Kate hope that you enjoy your time at Reddin's and we always welcome feedback on how we can improve our guests experiences.................céad míle fáilte